Connecting Your Google Nest Mini

How to Find Your MAC Address

  1. Open Google Chrome Home. Click the “+ “at the top.
  2. In “Add to Home” screen click the plus next to “Set Up Device”
  3. On “Set Up” screen click “New Device”
  4. On “Choose a Home” Click “Add Another Home”
  5. Input location information. Click “Next” it will start searching for the device.
  6. Follow through the next few screens.
  7. Join the “Improvement Program” or “No Thanks” then Assign the “Location.”
  8. Stop on this Screen in the top right touch the hamburger menu and then touch “Show Mac Address”
    ***DO NOT JOIN A WIFI NETWORK, at this time***
  9. Copy down the Nest MAC address.
  10. Then go to to register the MAC address.
  11. Join the device to the correct network for your building.